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Does vending machines can sell drugs?

In recent years, vending machines have seen unprecedented growth with the wave of "unmanned retail", and are now being used in many areas. Snacks and beverages, fresh fruits and vegetables, fast food boxes, it seems that there is nothing that vending machines can not sell. So can unmanned vending machines sell medicine? Many investors in the pharmaceutical industry are asking this question, so we are here to give you the answer, the answer is yes, vending machines can certainly sell drugs.

In fact, the use of vending machines to sell drugs has been possible for a long time, and we had customers selling drugs from vending machines several years ago. The use of vending machines can effectively relieve people of the difficulty of buying medication at night. I believe we have all encountered situations where we suddenly do not feel well at night and want to go to the pharmacy to buy medication but it is closed. On the other hand its 24-hour continuous operation also saves us some labor operation costs.

Currently in the unmanned vending machine is only allowed to sell non-non-prescription drugs, not prescription drugs, and even the sale of non-prescription drugs also need to apply for a series of documents such as drug business license before they can be sold, we should remember.