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Four ways to teach you to extend the life of the vending machine

For vending machine products, I believe that most businesses know how to operate and operate, but it is easy to ignore the maintenance process, but, in fact, good after-sales maintenance, can significantly extend the service life of the machine, which is equivalent to a disguised increase in operating time, the profit margin will become relatively larger. So how exactly is the correct maintenance of vending machines? Let us learn it today.

Vending machines need to maintain the maintenance of the main parts: the machine body surface, pick-up port, paper coin identifier, shipping chute, condenser, evaporator dish these aspects.

Frist, the vending machine external

As the saying goes, people rely on clothing, Buddha relies on gold, vending machines are also the same, a good and clean external environment can, to a certain extent, attract more customer traffic. When the outside of the machine is full of dust, we just need to use a dry rag to wipe it clean. When it comes to wipe not clean, we need to use warm water or dilute neutral detergent with water to scrub the outside of the vending machine. In addition, do not use paint solvents, banana water and other chemicals, otherwise accidents are likely to occur.

Second, the goods shipping chute

Commodity shipping chute to keep clean in order to make the goods out of the channel can be more unobstructed, so the cleaning cycle to ensure at least once a month, to remove the above stains or dust, so that consumers can use the time convenient and fast, so that the return.

Third, the vending machine condenser and evaporator

The external part of the machine needs to be cleaned and cleaned regularly, and the internal parts of the machine also need to be cleaned. For example, the evaporator and condenser. When cleaning the condenser, use a brush or a vacuum cleaner to gently sweep the garbage and dirt attached to the heat sink in the up and down direction; when cleaning the dirt inside the evaporator, take it out and clean it with water.

Four, the vending machine coin or bill identifier

Paper money and coins have a higher probability of being stained with dust. When dusty coins or bills pass through the coin or bill channel of the vending machine, the dust they carry will also be attached to the channel, and over time, it will dirty the channel. When the residual dust or stains are serious, it will lead to the malfunction of the vending machine's coin return, change, and coin selection functions. Therefore, like the other machines mentioned above, they need to be scrubbed at least once a month, and a rag moistened with water can be wiped clean when scrubbing.

The above is the vending machine maintenance operation it! You know, a well maintained vending machine can last longer and earn more wealth for your friends! Hurry up and learn it!