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How can I run a good vending machine? (part 1)

Nowadays,vending machines have frequently appeared in people's lives, including many parks, attractions, squares, commercial pedestrian streets and other outdoor have been placed in a variety of unmanned vending machines, Shuagnqu vending machine has also cooperated with many customers of this placement behavior, the next according to the unmanned vending machine placed in the outdoor need to pay attention to what it does the following summary, so that we put in time to consider the following some of the issues.

Vending machine business to pay attention to the following points.

1, Choose a good placement point

2, Clear target customers

3, Choose the right machine

4, From small to large

What kind of location is good? Like hotels need a good location, operating vending machines can not be run in accordance with the theory of "wine is not afraid of the alley", vending machines can be said to be the point of success or failure, so to find a good point is the first big problem.

Then find a good spot to pay attention to what?

1, The flow of people to be large. Such as airports, stations, public offices or event venues, etc..

2, It can attract people to stay. Such as the entrance to the supermarket, near the smoking room in public places, next to the seats in the rail station, etc..

3、There are special needs. Such as near hospital ultrasound rooms, gastroscopy rooms, where people who come to check often have to drink a lot of water.

4, The place where there are many children must also be a good location.

5, Next to other people's machines is often a good spot, as long as they are not selling the same products.

Buying machines on existing spots or placing machines on existing spots should be a better choice for those starting out in the business. However, buying a good spot that is readily available is costly and naturally risky. Looking for a spot should be a bit visionary, just like buying a house, dare to seize the spot that looks average in front of you and will become good in the future.

How can I run a good vending machine? (part 1)-