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How should vending machines be anti-theft?

Vending machines are often seen today, and venues with a steady flow of customers and a large consumer market, such as subway stations, hotels, office buildings, colleges and universities, and neighborhoods, are very suitable for promoting vending machines. When it comes to vending machines, the first thing that comes to mind is its unmanned, 24-hour operation and other characteristics, but also because of its unmanned characteristics, the safety of equipment and products is also very concerned about this article on how vending machines are anti-theft.
1、Installation of monitoring equipment
Can be installed in the vending machine around the monitoring, to complete the vending machine supervision around the clock, the deterrent effect of the surveillance camera is still relatively strong, both to make some not so good idea of people daunted, but also in the event of theft accidents, to provide direct evidence to recover losses.

2, Upgrade anti-theft laminated glass
Vending machines are prone to bad place is the glass door, most theft will choose to smash the glass door, now many manufacturers are upgraded to anti-theft laminated glass, so that the laminated glass is more solid and durable, a very large level to improve the anti-theft characteristics of vending machines. In addition to vending machines are equipped with T-type anti-theft lock, which is a special lock type for vending machines, anti-theft and anti-pry, so that the vending machine security factor is higher.

3、Fixed immovable equipment parts
Vending machine products only need to fall in the pick-up port, the system software will be judged as successful delivery, so when promoting vending machines, operators must pay attention to ensure the reliability of the overall body to avoid malicious people shaking the vending machine to steal products. The specific method is to fix several feet of the vending machine on the ground, put it on the road level site or let the equipment placed against the wall.

Along with the improvement of people's quality and the development of intelligent systems for vending machines, the probability of theft from vending machines is getting lower and lower, so you just need to take the necessary precautions to operate with peace of mind.