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How should we choose a beverage vending machine?

With the rapid development of vending machines, beverage vending machines as the most used and demanded models in today's vending machine market, has been widely accepted by everyone, and now many investors also put their eyes here, but the market above the beverage vending millions of kinds, in the time of choice is also a lot of doubts, no way to start. The following I will combine the market situation for you to introduce the beverage vending machine how to choose?

Beverage vending machine

First, whether you need to bring the refrigeration function?

We all know that the beverage vending machine sales season is mainly in the summer, in the hot summer to a cold drink is a great demand, so be sure to determine whether the machine with refrigeration function.

Second, the machine's capacity size

Different machine specifications, the capacity of the drinks can be loaded down is not the same, you can make different choices according to the needs of the lot and the needs of the budget, in the scenic spot where the flow of people is relatively large, it is recommended that you can choose the 60 lane, the 60 lane, the 60 lane, the 60 lane and the 60 lane. Suggest that you can choose 60 lanes, 72 lanes or double cabinets of beverage vending machines, this side can avoid loading maintenance time frequency, can also increase the purchase of everyone.

Third, the machine's cargo aisle selection

Beverage vending will also have different specifications, including boxed, 550ML bottles, 300ML bottles and so on different beverage specifications, in the purchase must tell the manufacturer some of the common types of lanes and later When you buy, you must tell the manufacturer some of the common types of lanes and the types of lanes that will be used later, so that the manufacturer can adjust them for you when they leave the factory, in order to meet the different beverage needs of customers when they buy. The different guidance for the adjustment of the cargo channel and the provision of accessories.

Fourth, the choice of payment methods

Now the payment methods include face recognition, face payment, Paypal payment, bank card and campus card, etc. When you choose, you can also lot demand for Different choices.

Five, touch screen or metal button selection function

Now there are a variety of touch screen selection machine metal button selection function, in the machine selection can be different according to the lot of different choices with, in the mall can be on some large screen touch beverage Machine, because you can also carry out some advertising to attract consumers, to some schools or scenic spots can be optional touch screen plus metal buttons, multi-functional choice in order to diversify the needs of consumers.