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How to choose the unmanned vending machine machine?

How to choose the unmanned vending machine machine?

Vending machine price is the most concerned about the number of topics discussed, the sales market on a wide variety of vending machines, a variety of well-known brands of vending machines, if not a very in-depth grasp of this field, pick up simply not really easy.

What are the selection criteria for vending machines?
Before exploring the price of vending machines, we must first figure out a difficult problem, which vending machines are considered good vending machines? Back to the substance, we buy vending machine purpose is to help us sell goods. Just to achieve the following criteria is a good vending machine, one is to get the money back, the second is to sell the goods smoothly. Only to achieve these two standards of vending machines, all good vending machines.

As long as there are these two criteria, we will be more relaxed when picking a vending machine and will not have too much to worry about it.

Vending machine price
We have to do 2 things before we pick a vending machine, one is to find a good positioning point for the promotion of vending machines, and the other is to make clear the products they want to sell. The 2 steps in the basic work to get it right, to choose vending machines will be problem-oriented, to be able to pay less money to find the vending machines we need.

Based on the vending machine selection criteria, plus early to position the point and product clear out. The following will be able to spend at least money to find vending machines, along with the trend of technicality, today more and more new technology applications are used in vending machines. In fact, many things are all lining, such as whether it is with multimedia system touch screen, the size of the screen, etc.. Perhaps many people will say to you, how excellent my equipment. In fact such items, according to your requirements quickly, if a sweeping two-dimensional code vending machine can handle the problem, why spend a lot of money to buy something that looks high-end, but actually not much use role?

The price of vending machines, most of them are sweeping two-dimensional code than touch screen cost-effective, no cooling effect than the machine with cooling function cost-effective, bullet yellow goods channel than other goods channel cost-effective.

Because different products, different application areas have different solutions, here can not list the price of each kind of vending machine, but in accordance with the above 4 levels to choose the most suitable for their own equipment. !