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How to operate a vending machine ( part 2 )

To think about what your customers need?

Once the location of the machine is set, I believe that you know what customers will buy things on the machine in the future, you must also know a eight or nine in the heart. Then, what these people like, what they need, you should sell what. The place where there are many children should not sell more Coke, fresh orange more? Young people pile up in the place to buy the latest popular drinks, okay? Or the popular snacks can also be? Sports stadiums selling water, selling Red Bull should not be wrong. In office buildings, shouldn't we consider
selling dairy products and various snacks that girls like?

Shuangqu believes that everyone has their own considerations, what they want to buy, what I should buy, what is suitable to buy, these don't decide too easily, go out more, do some research in making decisions, or you can also choose white different things to try at first, and then finally choose the most profitable varieties for long-term sales.

Choose what kind of machine

There are many vending machines on the market, the price is high and low, the most important thing in the operation of vending machines is the stability of the machine, Shuangqu vending machine to ensure high stability of the machine, the machine variety is also diverse, to refrigeration or room temperature, to touch screen or advertising screen, to drink machine or giveaway dispenser, Shuangqu will be able to give you what you want, and also according to your desire to customize a variety of machines.

Choose a good point of purchase choose a good point of purchase is very important, carefully examine, pay attention to the following points.

1, The price should be cheap, do not underestimate the one point two points, even if it is a little cheaper, the accumulation of time is also a considerable amount of wealth.

2, The variety to be complete. It is best to get all the goods in one point. More points into the goods waste of time, waste of energy.

3, The distance can not be far, convenient for you to buy goods, this is also very important. The distance is a waste of time, which also increases the freight costs, may also cause the machine "break". A good point of purchase can save a lot of human and material resources, when you choose the point of purchase must not be lazy, to compare three, choose the one you think is the best.

How to operate a vending machine ( part 2 )-