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How to purchase products from vending machines

As the concept of "unmanned retail" has become popular, the popularity  and  recognition  of   vending machines have also increased. Countless investors have taken a fancy to this field and want to get a share of the pie,   so for investors who have just entered this industry, the most important thing is naturally the purchase of goods sold by unmanned vending machines. Then I will tell you that it is better for vending machines to purchase goods in this way.

When we sell goods in machines, we will sell what is sold well. So how do we define whether a product is selling well? So naturally, it is based on the intelligent back-end of our unmanned vending machine to get people's more favored products from the back-end data. But at the beginning, we didn't have this kind of back-end data, so we had to consider it first when we started purchasing.

When we first purchase, we divide the products into fast-moving products and high-profit products,   and then purchase them. Fast-moving products are similar to mineral water and cola products that sell quickly, while high-profit products are chocolate, yogurt and other higher-profit products. At the beginning,    it is recommended to place fast-selling products and high-profit products in a ratio of three to one in the machine. Although high-profit products are highly profitable, if there are too many high-profit products, it may cause the product refurbishment rate in the machine to be too low, and the gains outweigh the losses.  Therefore,  it is best to place them at a ratio
of three to one at the beginning. After passing a period of sales,    in the background data, we can significantly distinguish which products are more popular, and those that are not sold well, we can replace them.

How to purchase products from vending machines-