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New retail opportunities for the future in the epidemic

It's June and summer has arrived. As of June 15, 2021 Beijing time, the number of confirmed cases worldwide has reached a staggering 1,756,868,814! So we still have to be vigilant in the face of the epidemic and always be protected. The allopathic policy of wearing masks and washing hands regularly is still strictly on duty in order to win the epidemic.

In the midst of the epidemic, many stores have closed down because no one consumes no output and the labor cost of store rent is too high. This situation makes us ponder, this offline traditional store business model in the future really have a way out? Where is the road to retail in the future? Perhaps, the new retail road is the right way!

In the future, vending machines, a new retail frontage product, will replace most of the offline stores in the streets and alleys of cities. Vending machines are completely incomparable to traditional offline stores in terms of cost and convenience compared to traditional store marketing. At that time, vending machines will sell all the necessities of life for our residents. For example, vegetables and fruits, rice and salt, seasoning utensils and so on. At that time, the vending machine will achieve the real, a machine to sell all!

New retail opportunities for the future in the epidemic-