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Refrigeration of vending machines

I believe that through the description of so many articles before, you for the vending machine also counted some understanding, and the last article I introduced you to some of the vending machine maintenance and maintenance of such trivia, then this article will give you a vending machine on the refrigeration refrigeration function of the mode classification it:.

The first category, refrigerated vending machine, this model is a professional refrigerated machine, which has the function of overall refrigeration. The temperature can not only be modulated to 3-7 degrees, its refrigeration system can also be individually controlled. The machine can sell a variety of drinks and dairy products that need to be refrigerated for drinking.

And the machine also has a large area of double-layer vacuum with heating defrost function of tempered glass, can be intuitive display,easy for customers to use.

The second type, semi-refrigeration type vending machine, this model is generally the upper layer for the general area, while the lower layer for the refrigerated area. It perfectly realizes the meaning of 1+1>2 of the ordinary model and the refrigerated model.

The third type, the ordinary vending machine, this model belongs to the most common kind of models on the market without refrigeration system. This model is suitable for selling goods that do not need refrigeration, and the cost is lower, so the price is lower.

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