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The four intelligent core technologies of vending machines

1. Mobile payment / cashless payment

Today's vending machines have changed people's way of life, following the development of technology to become more convenient and fast, the same way consumption, everyone from the beginning of the cash to bank cards / credit cards to today's cashless / mobile payment, configured with a standardized option of cashless payment, more conducive to intelligent service and management.

2, AI artificial intelligence management and smartphone interaction

There are already many smart vending machines that offer cashless payment options, but some providers are taking it a step further. Some smart vending machines can now interact with smartphones in real time. For example a customer walks up to a smart vending machine, this AI-based mobile app determines which machine it is, and then proceeds to pull real-time inventory and show the customer options on their
smartphone, where they can then make a selection operation on top of their phone.

3, Swipe face facial recognition

Facial recognition is now applied to many intelligent vending machines, and Aifeng vending machines have also increased this function option, customers can choose according to their needs in the vending machine, and then with a camera that can identify the consumer, this function can operate normally. For example, if a customer comes to the vending machine to shop, the machine will now offer a personalized menu based on the customer's purchase history and can be programmed not to show restricted products. Give customers an intelligent experience, faster to facilitate transactions.

4, Intelligent system management platform

We all know that the vending machine has a very important work is the regular replenishment of timely adjustment of goods, previously it was necessary to directional inventory, but now you can use the intelligent system management platform on the cell phone can view the corresponding situation, the hot product situation, those products out of stock serious, the operator can be based on the system data on the phone to make the corresponding adjustments and replenishment, greatly reducing the inventory time, but also greatly increased the
sales of hot products, increasing profits.