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The installation method of vending machine

With the rapid development of technology in the past few years, people have gradually become accustomed to automated social services life. The vending machine, as the forefront of automated services, has revealed a huge business opportunity. Therefore there are many investors are very optimistic about this opportunity, want to invest into this market. I will tell you today about the vending machine in the installation of aspects that need attention.

First, when installing the power cord for the vending machine, be sure to use a grounding wire. Because the vending machine itself is equivalent to a large electrical appliances, and there are many parts of the cabinet is composed of steel. Especially when placed outdoors, especially easy for this reason, and injured passers-by or customers, so grounding, it is very important.

After connecting the line, we then test the vending machine to see if it can operate normally. Because the vending machine is, after all, also a more sophisticated machine, the need for Internet and hardware and software collaboration to run normally, so it requires us to start selling goods before the normal, multiple tests to ensure that no goods will not ship or have a card goods situation.

After testing all the aisles and no failures, the machine can be placed in the spot we have chosen.

If you still have doubts in your mind about the installation of vending machines, you are welcome to consult us and we will give you professional answers according to your doubts. If you are also interested in vending machines, you can also come to us and we will recommend the most suitable machine for you according to your specific situation.