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Vending machine case study!

Vending machine customization has become more and more segmented, vending machine at the beginning of the case, or the basic FMCG products, such as drinks, snacks, etc.. Along with the depth and optimization of the field, there have long been more and more products of different fields and different specifications and models to sell according to the vending machine market. Along with the soaring labor costs, unmanned vending machine customization will increasingly affect our daily lives. The following is an example of my analysis!
Unmanned vending machine customization
Small area grain and oil food agricultural products unmanned vending machine subscription example
Small community vending machines are indeed a very large blue ocean. As long as the community is a little larger, there will be a lot of kiosks. The development of unmanned vending machines will cost a lot less compared to this kind of small stores and are operated 24 hours a day. Yesterday, I received an inquiry from a friend who specializes in wholesale food and oil. He is now doing wholesale of daily life products such as grain, oil and food, specializing in shopping malls and wholesale. In the current way, he earns very little profit. Very fancy residential community unmanned retail, want to let the editor to give him a plan plan for his this situation.
Summary of several aspects of unmanned vending machine examples of small community grain and oil food agricultural products

First of all, in the goods must pay attention to the place
As a daily necessity, the residential community grain and oil food agricultural products merchandise packaging design plan needs to take full account of the convenience of the occupants, who need to carry your products from the vending machine to their homes. If it is too heavy, it is actually a rather inconvenient thing for them; it can also be considered from another aspect, food commodities have a shelf life, and everyone likes to eat fresh, so in the net weight of the product this piece, it is recommended not to exceed 10kg.

Secondly, in the role of vending machines must pay attention to the area
Most of the groups of unmanned vending machines in the district are fixed and immobile, are within the district, and the membership system is not able to do, both to be able to bring people together, so that you have a lot of opportunities to sell him goods behind, but also to do a good job of marketing given the convenience. Now vending machines to complete the membership system, suggest 2 methods. One is the use of WeChat public platform, now WeChat WeChat public number has been very convenient, you can do a lot of membership management system and marketing activities directly on it.

The second is to use the traditional IC card swipe credit card method, for the district fully automatic sale, many are some to the age of the grandmother grandfather, this type of traditional card swipe method is more suitable for them. But from the long view, the WeChat public is actually more convenient and fast.

Third, the vending machine completion method
The current vending machine technology has long been perfect, there are many ways to achieve the sale of such products as grain and oil food. For example, square vending machines, spring vending machines can be completed very smoothly. These are able to be customized according to the actual requirements, and the most important point is to control the cost fee.