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vending machine common failures and handling methods

A vending machine card goods: due to the use of spring spiral goods, the spring rotation in the machine will produce squeezing pressure on
the goods when shipping, squeezing pressure has a positive and oblique squeezing pressure, in the positive squeezing pressure under the
action of the goods are easy to crooked, or even fall down. This will lead to the goods stuck in the goods below (under the spring); in the
role of oblique squeezing pressure will increase the friction between the goods and the two sides of the shield, when the friction is
larger will lead to the goods can not be shipped normally.

Solution: First take out the stuck goods, then enter the vending machine management page and select "Fault" item to clear the stuck
goods fault. And in the future operation of the placement of goods to do the corresponding changes, mainly the main commodity size should
be consistent with the size of the goods as far as possible, not too small and can not be larger than the size of the spring to the hard
stuffed in!

Second, the vending machine out of the goods, not to find change. The main reasons for this situation are as follows: 1, there is no
change in the change machine; 2, there is change in the change machine but the default number of change in the system is zero; 3, the
change machine card coin; 4, the bill machine dust is too serious.

Solutions: 1, make up the change; 2, enter the system management page, check whether the last time after the change is not recorded
(some vending machines need to manually enter the number of change after replenishment), if the number is 0, please modify; 3, dismantle
the bill device to remove the stuck currency; 4, dismantle the bill device with a brush to carefully and carefully clean off the dust or
send back to the manufacturer for cleaning.

Third, the vending machine into the change, change does not enter the change machine, but stored in the collection area. The problem is
mostly due to the banknote system error (long time failed to shut down the rest).

Solution: turn off the machine after three minutes to enter the system management page and then use a small stick to deepen the reset
button of the banknote device to reset (insert the stick and hold the reset button, you will see the banknote device mouth light on and off
and then light up again on the release ) and so on for a few minutes to turn off the machine and reboot it again to basically solve the

Fourth, the vending machine's banknote device mouth light does not light up or suddenly bright and dark, while the machine does not
suck money into the banknote. Most of these problems have two possibilities: 1, due to foreign objects in the banknote memory, 2, the
banknote machine under the iron money box is not installed.

The solution: open the banknote device, clear the foreign body after shutting down the machine, and then turn it on again, turn off the
machine power reinstall the iron money box on it!


vending machine common failures and handling methods-