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Vending machine goods channel selection

With the development of the economy, the level of technology is also gradually progressing. At the same time, more and more vending machines are appearing in the streets and alleys of cities. Artificial intelligence is the trend of the future, and the retail industry is no surprise.

The vending machines available on the market are diverse and versatile. Even the goods channel used by the machine is also rich in variety. So I'll explain to you the types of vending machine aisles.

1. Spiral spring channel

Spiral spring channel is one of the earliest cargo channels in the domestic market, this kind of channel is loved by major manufacturers because it has the advantages of simple structure and variety of goods for sale. Even today, it is one of the most used aisles. This kind of aisle can sell snacks, drinks, noodles, cigarettes and other goods. But the disadvantage of this kind of aisle is also relatively obvious, loading and replenishment compared to other aisles is more trouble.

2, Track aisle

Track aisles are suitable for selling goods that can be packed and stand up, such as canned drinks. The advantages of track aisle are obvious, convenient to set up goods, not easy to jam goods. The disadvantage is also obvious, if one item in a row falls down, it will easily block other items. Need to re-arrange the goods in order to continue selling.

3, Serpentine goods channel

Serpentine lane is also called S-shaped lane, which is specially made for bottle and can type drinks. Its advantages are obvious, the internal capacity is large, the number of beverages can be sold, and it is not easy to jam the goods. The disadvantage is that it can only sell bottle and can type drinks.

4, Lattice cabinet aisle

The lattice cabinet lane is generally used on top of the lattice cabinet machine, each lattice has a separate switch control system. Each compartment can be placed inside a product. The advantage is what products can be sold, the disadvantage is the low utilization of space, the number of grids, the number of goods can be sold less.

These are the major categories of vending machine lanes, each lane has its own advantages and disadvantages, so we have to choose according to the type of goods we choose in order to maximize profits.