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Vending machine how to attract the eyes of customers

When the unmanned retail boom first emerged a few years ago, vending machines were as big as the day, so to speak, in this market, as long as you enter, you can make money. But a few years have passed, countless investors have entered the market, and the vending machine market has become gradually standardized, and the  competition between peers has become gradually fierce, and at this time, how to attract customers' attention and stand out from the peers, it becomes crucial. So today, I will focus on how to attract customers' attention, so that customers choose our machines, rather than others' machines.

First of all, the point of choice is very important. Most customers, for snacks and drinks and other small goods, have a random nature of consumption, let's say, if you walk in the park, walking you thirsty, then you will choose near the vending machine or far from the vending machine? No doubt, it must be the near machine. So that our points, must have a significant regional, easy to find people. For example, the elevator entrance of the mall, the gate of the park, the first floor lobby of the office building and so on.

Next is the appearance of our machines, the appearance of the machine is also very important, a good-looking sticker, we can make us in the peer, stand out. A lot of vending machine is with beautiful sticker accessories, go INS net red wind, to attract people to card consumption.

The last thing is our goods placement, our goods placement is also a skill. It is recommended to put some good-looking or hot products in a conspicuous central position, using them to attract customers to come to spend. And some high profit products or relatively not very good- looking products, put them on both sides of the shelves.

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