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Vending machine of advertising revenue

With the growing trend of unmanned retailing, the acceptance of unmanned retailing is also on the rise. Nowadays, vending machines and unmanned counters are everywhere and are fully integrated into our lives.

Most of the unmanned retail operators are dependent on the sale of goods to obtain revenue, only a very small number of operators, can be keen to find new business opportunities - that is, advertising revenue. Today I will talk to you about this hidden advertising revenue.

Using the vending machine comes with the body screen, we can receive advertising agents, that is, for advertisers to broadcast advertising, and we charge advertising fees to achieve the purpose of reducing costs and increasing revenue. And our body screen, you can play video ads, and both sides of the body, you can also receive advertising in the form of posters to promote advertising.

Nowadays, unmanned vending machines are everywhere and many people are used to using vending machines for shopping, so it can be said that unmanned retailing will be a big trend in the future. If you are also interested in this industry, you can contact us and we will bring you professional advice.