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Vending machine summer power saving tips

The arrival of the summer heat has brought a new energy to the streets and alleys that were affected by the epidemic. In the summer heat of the streets, "vending machines" have turned on their own air conditioning to cope with the hot weather. But in the summer, 24 hours a day, the cost of electricity for the operation of  air conditioning is a relatively large loss, many operators are therefore a headache. So today we'll share some summer power saving tips for you.

First, it is recommended to clean the fins of the vending machine condenser with a brush every once in a while, and this time period is probably kept within half a month to once a month, it can be. Cleaning the fins is to improve the cooling effect of the condenser and reduce the electrical load.

Second, when choosing a spot, it is recommended that the vending machine be placed in a more ventilated location and that the dust in the lower part of the body be wiped off regularly. This is to improve the condensing effect of the condenser so as to improve the effect of refrigeration and power saving.

Third, you can place a large beverage bottle full of salt water inside the vending machine, which can help maintain a balanced temperature difference between the inside and outside of the machine, reducing the number of times the machine compressor is turned on/off, extending the applicable life of the compressor and achieving the purpose of power saving.

Vending machine summer power saving tips-