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Vending machines is a new type of shopping

Unmanned vending machines choose wise purchase technology vending machine

It is worth affirming that at this stage the vending machine consumer group is dominated by young people, I have also done a small class survey, the result is that in the vending machine consumption of people under 35 years of age accounted for 78%, over 50 years of age only less than 5%, although the data information is only their own survey, no credibility, but has a certain practical value, how can this happen? I will analyze these partners carefully.

Young people are easily exposed to new things.

Vending machine is a new type of shopping, unattended, 24-hour operation, shopping for products, payment, pick-up and other steps to be independently by the actual operation of consumers, adolescents are more adept at accepting and trying new ways of shopping, many things in the middle and old age reflect more slowly, such as the first two years when the rise of smart machines and cell phone payment, young people have developed the habit of going out without cash, the middle and old age Many of them can't easily use WeChat and Alipay to pay. The pace of life of young people is faster.

The value of using vending machines is to facilitate everyone's daily life, so that many people can buy goods anytime and anywhere without the constraints of time and space, convenience and convenience is the greater flash point, for them, time is very precious to them, in order to better save time and energy, most young people are obvious intention to buy things on the sale. And middle-aged and elderly people have more time, when they have a consumer market, they will first consider shopping at the nearby supermarket or convenience store chain.

The consumer market for young people is wide.

Youth is the backbone of modern society's consumption. At this stage of the social environment, post-80s and post-90s consumption accounts for the vast majority of the proportion of total consumption in social development, especially since the products sold in vending machines are mainly snacks, and there are fewer requirements for the elderly in these areas, while for many youth, they are hard requirements. The fact that older people are in the majority in vending machines is a crucial factor.

The fact that the majority of vending machine consumers are young people is an objective fact, but it is also influenced by various factors, which are to some extent the inevitable result of socio-economic development.