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What are the advantages and disadvantages of vending machines compared with traditional vending machines?

Structurally speaking, there are some obvious differences between vending machines and traditional vending machines nowadays, such as vending machines are loaded with Android version processors, which are basically absent in traditional ones, all have networking modules to network, all have large or small displays, and all can support cell phone payments. Now the paper coin vending machine is basically eliminated, but now the vending machine its working way and the traditional type vending machine is the same.

So what is the workflow of the vending machine?

1. Cconsumers enter the background to select goods through the display or sweep the vending machine's QR code.

2. The intelligent vending machine immediately generates a QR code based on the price of the goods selected by the customer and shows it on the touch screen, while the vending machine sends information about the price of the goods to the back-end server.

3. The customer sweeps the code to pay, the account directly into the backend server bound collection account, the backend server detects the payment into the account, it sends instructions to the intelligent vending machine: "payment has been received, please rest assured that the goods are shipped"

4. The unmanned vending machine ships the goods after receiving the instruction from the backend server.

5. The customer takes the goods from the vending machine pick-up port, shopping is complete.

From the above vending machine workflow we also found that once disconnected vending machine electronic payment can not be used (if it is equipped with a cash module, you can still use cash to buy things), sales data and the real-time state of the machine can not be uploaded, the vending machine administrator in the background can not check, so the networking environment is very important, if the premises of 4G or 3G cell phone signal is particularly bad, it is not recommended to use this type of Internet intelligent vending machine!

Some friends may say, intelligent vending machine can use the network cable or wifi networking, with the network cable is possible, as long as the rip network cable convenient. With wifi is not possible, because the wifi signal is unstable, easy to use problems, wifi signal is also particularly easy to be cracked, not safe! With 3G or 4G cell phone network networking is the first choice of major vending machine manufacturers, IOT card network, whether from the convenience, stability or security are much better! Now the vending machines on the market are basically Internet intelligent vending machines.