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What are the advantages of vending machines?

There is no vending machine in daily life, what should you do in the following situations?
Overtime late finally have time to rest for a while, but the supermarket has long been closed; high temperature, thirsty, but can not find a store around; morning running fitness, after doing want to replenish the water, but found that the surrounding kiosks are not open; the most critical is to buy and sell sex supplies but found that the surrounding are people, there is no way to start.

Nowadays, the shadow of vending machines can be seen in the streets, large shopping malls, theaters, convenience store chains, etc. The widespread use of Internet technology has made everyone feel the convenience and speed of self-service terminals.

So what are the advantages of vending machines for stores?

1, Vending machine cost-effective
Compared to the general casual food stores nearly 100,000 yuan to join the agency fee, in fact, a vending machine can be used as a small store, 24 hours to give service items, without human care, everywhere can open a "physical store", the cost is relatively much higher.

2, Vending machine news media characteristics
Vending machine is a moveable brand publicity, intelligent system display for the promotion of well-known brands, shape can be customized, both publicity planning, but also investment cooperation, news media business process expansion space is very large.

3, Vending machine intelligent system level is high
Automatic collection without human control can also always get data monitoring records, reasonable to assist the company or franchisee intelligent management.

4, Manipulation of new sales data to boost product operations.
The ultimate integration of vending machines and network payment system software, banknotes virtual currency dual-use service items, the actual operation is convenient and fast, to enhance customer service feelings.

5, Online and offline two close integration, to meet the development trend
Vending machine will be online and offline very good interconnection, online to meet the development of the Internet fashion trend, including cloud intelligent management methods, two-dimensional code payment; offline promotion of the landing type details, for customers to give practical service project feeling, the future development prospects are also very good.

6、Customized services, conducive to the new up business processes
Customized service is also one of the social development trend, nowadays there are some famous brands overseas have long been gradually applied clothing vending machine, custom manufacturing for vending machines to give a lot of connection value-added business