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What is the best place to place the vending machine?

This is the biggest problem that plagues many vending machine operations, to operate a good vending machine, the location is very important, just like a restaurant needs a good location, operating a vending machine is also the point of success or failure. Find a good location I recommend paying attention to the following points.

1 The high flow of people is not the only factor. Also look at the time of stay of the flow of people, such as airports, stations, public offices or events, etc., the main thing is to "wait", someone waiting for the time of the place, the turnover rate is still very high, but stationed in these places are more difficult, requiring a certain degree of networking, of course, with their cooperation, and then profit sharing is also a business model

2. It can attract people to stay. Such as the entrance to the supermarket, near the smoking room, next to the seats, etc., near the park is a very good place.

3. The place where more children must also be a good location, the school is absolutely undoubtedly a good place, just fear that many schools do not let you pose, most schools are able to pay rent to rent the site and then operate on their own, there is also cooperation with the school profit-sharing.

4. Next to other people's machines is often a good spot, as long as they are not selling the same products.

5. The first floor of the office building is also a good choice, people go to and from work, after lunch are trying to buy some water and so on.

6. And finally one of the best places, labor-intensive factories, generally speaking, such companies have a lot of people, commuting to work concentrated, it is difficult to meet the demand for drinks between small stores alone, this time is the vending machine row on the use of the time.

With the increasing cultural quality of the user community and the support of government agencies for the self-service industry, vending machines can operate normally 24 hours a day without intervals under unattended conditions, and the operating environment of vending machines now wants to be greatly improved than before. And, vending and self-service is a general trend in the 21st century, which is a favorable trend for individuals and businesses that have invested or are planning to invest in vending machines.

What is the best place to place the vending machine?-