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What to do if a vending machine gets wet

As the unmanned retail boom gets hotter and hotter, the number of unmanned supermarkets and vending machines on the market has increased. At the same time, many questions about vending machines have arisen, such as whether vending machines are profitable or not? Are vending machines safe? The vending machine outside wet how to do? The first two questions, we have shared with you before, so today we will tell
you how to do when the vending machine is wet outside.

First of all, empty the water in the wire tube, then wash with distilled water and then wipe with alcohol, wipe and then dry, dry after you can put back into use. Our circuit board if the rainwater soaked, then it is recommended that it must be replaced. If only the rainwater, and not soaked, you can use distilled water to clean, clean and then wipe with alcohol, wipe and then dry with a hair dryer. If our electrical parts are also wet by rainwater thus causing water, then it must be replaced! Because the water in the electrical parts is very difficult to blow dry, so for your safety and the safety of others, must be replaced!

On the vending machine into the water protection measures science, here first, there is a point please pay attention to, that is, you must use distilled water, do not use mineral water, because mineral water is rich in positive and negative ions, it will lead to circuit boards are very easy to short circuit. Therefore, in order not to cause additional economic losses, do not use mineral water.

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