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What we do when vending machine suddenly black screen

With the continuous development of technology, artificial intelligence technology and mobile payment technology have also been better developed and popularized, and the unmanned retail industry has also been developed rapidly. In this era of increasingly popular mobile payments, more and more traditional offline retail stores are being replaced by unmanned vending machines, which have become a part of our lives. Unmanned retailing seems to have become an inevitable development trend.

Although the vending machine in these years has been rapid development, but as a new industry, there will always be some small defects, for example - vending machine in the use of a sudden black screen how to deal with it? Then we will take you to understand the face of this unexpected situation to deal with it.

We first restart the machine to see if the machine can be restored to normal use by restarting. If not, we will then observe whether there is water damage around the display of the machine, if there is, it means that the machine may be caused by water into the black screen. If there is no water, we will then check whether the machine is connected to the control board screen wiring is loose. If there is no loose, then look at the power adapter lights, power jack is plugged in, if the light is not lit, you need to replace the power adapter.

These are the several approximate causes of the vending machine black screen, I hope you can help. If the reasons for the black screen and the above are not related, then it may be the internal causes of the machine, it is recommended to contact the manufacturer of the machine for maintenance.