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Why are vending machines so popular with investors and customers?

A vending machine is an intelligent machine that can deliver goods fully automatically based on sweeping a QR code for cell phone payment.

It is a new and upgraded way of retailing.

2020 is also the most favored year, about 40 several countries around the world have entered the vending machine industry, Japan each customer in the vending machine annual average consumption of $508.32, the United Kingdom sales of about 29.3 billion dollars. In China, compared to the Japanese industry, Europe and the United States industry, China's per capita demand is still far inferior, the overall occupancy rate is extremely low, at this stage of the third and fourth-tier cities still have a very good industry prospects have not been developed.

Why are vending machines loved by investors and customers? Because in China, vending machines are sold all the industry needs a great deal of highly profitable products, can greatly reduce the cost of premises, manpower costs, will be promoted, investors, businessmen earn money, customers are also assured when shopping, a triple win.

For example, the vending machine researched and produced by Shuangqu Technology has high-tech advantages over the previous vending machines in terms of its role.

1. Mobile phone payment. The customer takes out the cell phone sweeps a sweep to be able to buy.
2. Data loading. Can grasp the different geographical areas, different equipment, product sales conditions, and carry out the promotion of equipment intensive tuning.
3、Management background. According to the operation data: system status, system abnormalities, common failures of the material path, out-of-stock conditions, sales data, etc., you can immediately stock up and find problems.

The future development tendency is automation technology, so the machine equipment to replace manpower is certain. From this kind of a big development trend out to see, the vending machine field market prospect is very promising.