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Why is the shipping port of the vending machine below?

Vending machine as an emerging people-oriented machinery products, I believe that we must not be unfamiliar with it. Vending machines have now become widespread to the streets and alleys of first- and second-tier cities, and its type is even more bizarre, but there is one thing, I believe that for customers who have used vending machines, it must be a puzzle. That is why the vending machine's shipping port in the machine below it? Today, I'll answer this question for you:.

Now most of the vending machines on the market, the reason why they are set at the bottom of the machine, usually to use the weight of the goods, so that they fall directly to the pick-up port, on the one hand, such a design to save costs, on the other hand, is also trapped in the technical reasons caused by the time.

And customers bend down to pick up the mouth to pick up this action, after all, very inconvenient, so after the technology is supported, the market appeared in the middle of the shipping port vending machine models. And this type of model because the shipping port in the middle, so are generally with the lift table function, using lift to pick up goods. Due to the smoothness of this way of shipping, you can sell some fragile products, and this is where the advantage of the new model lies.

However, due to the higher cost of the new model, most of the market is still using the model with the shipping port in the bottom. Through the above introduction, I think you should understand why most of the vending machines on the market shipping port in the bottom it.