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  • How should we choose a beverage vending machine?

    With the rapid development of vending machines, beverage vending machines as the most used and demanded models in today's vending machine market, has been widely accepted by everyone, and now many investors also put their eyes here, but the market above the beverage vending millions of kinds, in the time…
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  • Which vending machine is more profitable?

    Do vending machines make money? What kind of vending machine is more profitable? The vending machine earn money or not, reference to a combination of factors, one of the important points is to look at the location of placement, generally speaking, fast moving consumer goods earn more, the so-called fast…
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  • Four ways to teach you to extend the life of the vending machine

    For vending machine products, I believe that most businesses know how to operate and operate, but it is easy to ignore the maintenance process, but, in fact, good after-sales maintenance, can significantly extend the service life of the machine, which is equivalent to a disguised increase in operating time, the…
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  • Vending machine of advertising revenue

    With the growing trend of unmanned retailing, the acceptance of unmanned retailing is also on the rise. Nowadays, vending machines and unmanned counters are everywhere and are fully integrated into our lives. Most of the unmanned retail operators are dependent on the sale of goods to obtain revenue, only a…
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