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July 2020

  • Learn about vending machine starting with this article

    What is an unmanned vending machine? Unmanned self-service vending machine means that there is no salesperson, there is only one intelligent machine, in which a variety of products are placed, the customer itself can scan the QR code to buy the products they want, after the end of the purchase…
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  • Why are vending machines so popular with investors and customers?

    A vending machine is an intelligent machine that can deliver goods fully automatically based on sweeping a QR code for cell phone payment. It is a new and upgraded way of retailing. 2020 is also the most favored year, sobre 40 several countries around the world have entered the vending…
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  • Vending machine case study!

    Vending machine customization has become more and more segmented, vending machine at the beginning of the case, or the basic FMCG products, such as drinks, snacks, etc.. Along with the depth and optimization of the field, there have long been more and more products of different fields and different specifications…
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  • How to choose the unmanned vending machine machine?

    How to choose the unmanned vending machine machine? Vending machine price is the most concerned about the number of topics discussed, the sales market on a wide variety of vending machines, a variety of well-known brands of vending machines, if not a very in-depth grasp of this field, pick up…
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