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  • Are unattended vending machines safe?

    As the number of vending machines on the market increases, so do the number of questions people have about them. I believe that for investors who want to invest in vending machines, in addition to whether the vending machine can be profitable, vending machine safety is not a problem that…
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  • What we do when vending machine suddenly black screen

    With the continuous development of technology, artificial intelligence technology and mobile payment technology have also been better developed and popularized, and the unmanned retail industry has also been developed rapidly. In this era of increasingly popular mobile payments, more and more traditional offline retail stores are being replaced by unmanned…
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  • 99% of people do not know how to maintain the vending machine!

    Distributore automatico, as the name suggests, is a machine that sells goods automatically. I'm sure everyone is no stranger to vending machines. Vending machines have been developed in different country for more than a decade, at the beginning, the machines only appear in a very few first-tier cities such as…
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  • Does vending machines can sell drugs?

    In recent years, vending machines have seen unprecedented growth with the wave of "unmanned retail", and are now being used in many areas. Snacks and beverages, fresh fruits and vegetables, fast food boxes, it seems that there is nothing that vending machines can not sell. So can unmanned vending machines…
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  • What to do if a vending machine gets wet

    As the unmanned retail boom gets hotter and hotter, the number of unmanned supermarkets and vending machines on the market has increased. At the same time, many questions about vending machines have arisen, such as whether vending machines are profitable or not? Are vending machines safe? The vending machine outside…
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  • How to operate a vending machine for beginners

    Today a customer said that he saw vending machines everywhere on the street, feel that this product is a very good business opportunity, also want to buy a few machines for their own operations, but suffer from no contact with vending machines, do not know how to operate, and asked…
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  • New retail opportunities for the future in the epidemic

    It's June and summer has arrived. As of June 15, 2021 Beijing time, the number of confirmed cases worldwide has reached a staggering 1,756,868,814! So we still have to be vigilant in the face of the epidemic and always be protected. The allopathic policy of wearing masks and washing hands…
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  • Vending machine summer power saving tips

    The arrival of the summer heat has brought a new energy to the streets and alleys that were affected by the epidemic. In the summer heat of the streets, "vending machines" have turned on their own air conditioning to cope with the hot weather. But in the summer, 24 hours…
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