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  • Full-automatic 24 hours self-service bervergae vending machine
    Full-automatic self service vending machine, can sell cigarettes, betel nuts, beverages, condoms, sober medicine, masks, daily necessities, etc. Only support QR code payments. [template id="981"]
  • Custom Arcade Track Ball Led Lighting 3 Interface in 1
    custom led lighting elf game 60 Quam ad nostram mercedem secure 1 usb 3 Quam ad nostram mercedem secure 1 led tracking ball arcade accessories/arcade track ball/track ball ♦Custom led lighting tracking ball (can custom color you like) ♦3 interface in 1 60 Quam ad nostram mercedem secure 1 elf game 138/412/750/1162 Quam ad nostram mercedem secure 1 usb ♦Super sensitive ♦The sensitivity is 3 times…
  • Quam ad nostram mercedem secure
    ● Manufacturer: Scientific Games -Platform: Alpha 2 -Format: Five-reel, 10-, 20- or 50-line video slot -Denomination: .01, .02, .05, .10, 1.00 -Max Bet: 50, 200, 500 -Top Award: Progressive; reset at 1 million times denomination -Hit Frequency: 30.16%, 26.08%, 26.54% -Theoretical Hold: 4.01%-14.77% ● The series is being launched with…
  • gbs 8100 VGA to CGA converter For JAMMA Arcade Game PCB Joypad
        gbs 8100 descriptions ● 5V IN (P1, P2) Power input: Choose one of the two interfaces, “+” is connected to +5V DC power input, and the ground wire corresponds to “-” pole. ● VGA IN (P3) VGA input: Connect to VGA source (such as HD game VGA port,
  • Arcade T molding
    12/13/15/16/18/19/25/30mm width for choice, red/yellow/blue/green/white/black/chrome/gold for choice. Name Arcade t molding Size 12/13/15/16/18/19/25/30mm width Grill or net material plastic Width and color support custom Suitable for arcade game cabinet. Material: Plastic Length: 3 meter/roll Width: 12/13/15/16/18/19/25/30 (a tolerance of ±0.5 mm applies to width) Color: red / black / yellow…
  • 4 Inch Speaker
    Arcade game cabinet accessories 4 inch Silver dynamic loud Speaker Protective Grille circle and protective black iron mesh. Name Arcade game machine use speaker Size 4 inch Grill or net material Silver and plastic for choice Other speaker for choice: 2inch speaker, arcade console speaker, 4 inch thick antimagnetic speaker,
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