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  • 12V 5A Power Supply
    Wifi version pandora 2448 games in 1 arcade game board with 140 3d games support add more games. Output Type Triple Output Power 51 - 100W Output Current 16A @ 5v / 4A at 12v / 1A @ -5v Output Voltage -5V / +5V / +12V Output Frequency 50-60HZ Input…
  • 12V 10A DC Power Supply
    Application: applicable to 1000 LED standard general LED bar, LED light, LED module, LED, etc. Input voltage 95-265V Output power 120W Output voltage 12V Work efficiency 90% Product certification CE Output current 10A Working frequency 50Hz Working temperature -45~85 Features: ● Small volume ● light weight ● heat dissipation ●…
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