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  • Arcade Happ Style Joystick 4 8 Ways Use 4 Micro Switches
    Widely used on almost all kinds of arcade game machines Uses 4 micro switches to detect on/off position Unique handle design. वस्तु: Arcade joystick American happ style Mounting hole 28mm Micro switch 4 micro switches to detect on/off position MOQ 1 PCS Use 7 days or faster,Product in stock Voltage…
  • Arcade BL LED illuminated button 5v 12v 28mm mounting hole
    24 and 28 mm mounting hole 5v 12v Built-in micro switch and led light 7 colors lighting. Mounting hole 24 28mm Color 5v: red, yellow, blue, green, white, 12: purple, orange and colorful lighting Payment Western Union Paypal Delivery time 48 hours delivery time, Product in stock Voltage 5 colors of…
  • Arcade Push Button LED Lighting 24 30mm Replace OBSC Button
    30mm mounting hole 110/2.8mm micro switch Zero delay & durable suitable for any arcade cabinet. Mounting hole size 28mm Color red, white, blue, purple, yellow, orange, green, pink, black Model Have high and short one Payment term Western Union Paypal T/T transfer Delivery time Product in stock, 48 hours delivery…
  • Arcade Accessories Happ American Style Push Button 28mm
    5v/12v 28mm mounting hole arcade push button happ American style Perfect for use in any JAMMA arcade machine or MAME. Size 28mm mounting hole Color red, orange, yellow, green, blue, navy blue,black, black of 1/2p, white of 1/2p Model Have long and short one Payment term Western Union Paypal T/T…
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