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  • Coin And Bill Acceptor
Coin And Bill Acceptor
  • Marco LED da aceptador ya bojä
    Two types terminal for customers to choose, JST or MOLEX. Also two version for customers to choose, Changing color version or Runing lights version. [template id="981"]
  • Controlador ar alimentación operado ya bojä
    ● Use it for timed power supply for air inflation meter ● For Petrol station ● For public toilet lock ● Pay to use [template id="981"]
  • TW850 'bede arcade máquina mulit coin selector
    Especificación: ● Item: TW-850 Top Entry Multi Coin Accepot Coin Selector ● Coin Diameter: 22~28 mm ● Coin Thickness: 1.7~2.2mm ● Voltage: DC 12V ±10% ● Current: 65mA ~1.3A ● Accuracy rate of identification: 99% ● Temperature: -15°C~+75°C ● Atmospheric pressure: 86Kpa—106Kpa ● Signal Output: Pulse ● Pluse Witdth: 20ms/40ms/100ms…
  • Certificado CE Efectivo Acceptor Moneda TP 70 Aceptador facturas
    TP series is a new generation of mil acceptor designed by TOPVME which features High-security with acceptance rate up to 96%. In addition, multiple bezel and bill box selections offer users the most convenient and complete services. Interface RS232 pulse MDB CCNET Insertion Four-way bill insertion Feature High acceptance rate…
  • Bill Acceptor zits'uwi billete ndunthe ar bojä
    Can accept different country currencies 4 way bill insertion widely used in Vending machine,'Ñeni ar arcade, Ndä ar 'me̲hni pa. Bill insertion 4 Way Acceptance Acceptance Rate 99.8% or more Interface Pulse, RS232, MDB, SSP, Parallel, CC Talk, SIO Power Sources DC 12 V Environment Range Operating Temperature: 3° C ~ 50° C…
  • CH multi Coin Acceptor
    616 multi coin selector, pe mä hä asta 6 xingu ya bojä 'na'ño ya xkagentho ar pa. widely used in Vending machine,'Ñeni ar arcade, Ndä ar 'me̲hni pa, and other self–management system to set up. Identify accuracy rate 95% Identity speed 0.6 second Power source DC12±10% Working current 50ma Moment maximum current 350ma(less…
  • Multi Coin Acceptor Accept 6 Bojä xkagentho ar pa
      Mfädi pa nga̲tho ar klase ar tokens mä hä 1 ~ 6 xingu 'na'ño ya bojä jar xkagentho pa autoprueba automática pa ar hñäki. CH — 926 ge 'nar selector multicuesta, pe mä hä asta 6 xingu ya bojä 'na'ño ya xkagentho ar pa. This type of coin selector is widely used in Vending…
  • Máquina 'ñeni ar accionada ya bojä SG LED Coin Acceptor
    Suitable for all kinds of tokens Panel LED light indicates fishing and card currency failure Has a power-on self-test fault function. ar Nthuts'i: SG LED coin acceptor Working temperature -15C~+50°C Working voltage DC +12V soil 20% Coin diameter 22mm~ 28mm Coin thickness 1. 7mm~ 2.2mm Features Unique handle design Suitable for…
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