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  • Refrigeration of vending machines

    I believe that through the description of so many articles before, you for the vending machine also counted some understanding, and the last article I introduced you to some of the vending machine maintenance and maintenance of such trivia, then this article will give you a vending machine on the…
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  • What are the effects of insufficient refrigerant and excessive refilling on the vending machine?

    First, the unmanned vending machine refrigerant is not enough for the present barrier image and the reason (1)Fault phenomenon: unmanned vending machine machine cooling effect is poor, the air outlet is a little cool, and the manifold pressure table check found that the high pressure side, low pressure side pressure…
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  • The four intelligent core technologies of vending machines

    1. Mobile payment / cashless payment Today's vending machines have changed people's way of life, following the development of technology to become more convenient and fast, the same way consumption, everyone from the beginning of the cash to bank cards / credit cards to today's cashless / mobile payment, configured…
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  • The installation method of vending machine

    With the rapid development of technology in the past few years, people have gradually become accustomed to automated social services life. The vending machine, as the forefront of automated services, has revealed a huge business opportunity. Therefore there are many investors are very optimistic about this opportunity, want to invest…
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