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Soda Vending Machine Manufacturer

  • self service vending machine touch screen 270-1000pcs capacity

      Product Description outdoor vending machine combo wifi smart touch screen vending machine/medical vending machine/vending machine coffee   Noted Customizable appearance Customized cargo lane   Specification   Item 24 hours self service unmanned self-service store vending machine Size H1900mm*W1160mm*D750mm Goods species At least 54 types (depending on the size of the…
  • Full-automatic 24 hours self-service bervergae vending machine

    Full-automatic self service vending machine, can sell cigarettes, betel nuts, beverages, condoms, sober medicine, masks, daily necessities, etc. Only support QR code payments. [template id="981"]
  • Cup noodle vending machine with hot water supply

        Product Description hot water pot ramen vending machines noodle instant noodle vending machine/noodle vending machine/cup noodle vending machine Noted: Customizable appearance Customized cargo lane Features: low investment, quick payback, payback period less than half a month Specification of hot water supply cup noddle vending machine:…
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