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12V 10A DC Power Supply
12V 10A DC Power Supply
12V 10A DC Power Supply
12V 10A DC Power Supply
12V 10A DC Power Supply
12V 10A DC Power Supply
12V 10A DC Power Supply
12V 10A DC Power Supply
12V 10A DC Power Supply

Small size, light weight, good heat dissipation, easy to install. The product is equipped with short circuit and overpass protection. When the load is abnormal, the product automatically cuts out the electric neck.

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Application: applicable to 1000 LED standard general LED bar, LED light, LED module, LED, etc.

Input voltage 95-265V
Output power 120W
Output voltage 12V
Work efficiency 90%
Product certification CE
Output current 10A
Working frequency 50Hz
Working temperature -45~85

● Small volume
● light weight
● heat dissipation
● easy installation of the product with short circuit
● overwashing protection
● when the load appears abnormal, the product automatically cut gujia out electric neck.

More instructions:
● Be sure to confirm before using the power input and output voltage specifications (110 vac, 220 vac, 5 VDC, 12 VDC, 24 VDC, 36 VDC, 48 VDC..)
● When wiring, be sure to cut off the input power supply, carefully check whether the input output line is connected correctly before powering on, to ensure reliable and safe work of the power supply.
● Check whether the installation screw is in contact with the power board device, and measure the insulation resistance between the power housing and input to avoid electric shock. In order to ensure the safety of use and reduce interference, please ensure that the ground end can be grounded (the diameter of the ground wire should be thousands of AWG18#).
● In order to ensure the normal and reliable operation of the power supply, the user should not overload the power supply.
● The power input terminals are equipped with multiple terminals, and users can access the terminals connected to the load uniformly.
● Please pay attention to the input environment of the power supply. When the input voltage is unstable or volatile, frequent switching of the power input (frequently turning on and off the input voltage) will affect the life of the power supply.
1Q: What kind of payment and price term?
A: Our Payment terms are TT, Western Union, LC, B/L agaist copy etc.
2Q: Can you supply OEM/ODM service?
A: Yes, we supply OEM/ODM/OBM service.
3Q: May I get sample?
A: Yes, we can provide samples within 2 days.
4Q: What is the lead time?
A: Our sample time is around 2 days, formal order lead time is 10 days, if urgently 7 days.
5Q: Production output?
A: 1,000pcs per one Day.
6Q: What is your warranty?
A: Our quality warranty is 1 years.
7Q: How about shipping and package?
A: Normal export packaging.
8Q: Are you a trader or factory?
A: We are factory specializing in this field more than 10 years.
9Q: How to secure our payment?
A: We can do Alibaba trade insurance order.

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