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Faʻa Ngāue

  • 99% of people do not know how to maintain the vending machine!

    Vending machine, as the name suggests, is a machine that sells goods automatically. I'm sure everyone is no stranger to vending machines. Vending machines have been developed in different country for more than a decade, at the beginning, the machines only appear in a very few first-tier cities such as…
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  • Vending machine summer power saving tips

    The arrival of the summer heat has brought a new energy to the streets and alleys that were affected by the epidemic. In the summer heat of the streets, "vending machines" have turned on their own air conditioning to cope with the hot weather. But in the summer, 24 hours…
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  • Founga hono fakatau ʻo e koloa mei he ngaahi misini ʻoku fakatau

    ʻI heʻene hoko ko e tefitoʻi fakakaukau ʻo e "unmanned fakatau fakamovetevete" kuo manakoa ʻa, kuo tupulaki foki mo hono manakoa mo hono fakatokangaʻi ʻo e ngaahi misini ʻoku fakatau. Kuo taʻefaʻalaua ʻinivesitoa toʻo ha meʻa fakaʻofoʻofa ki he malaʻe ko ʻeni pea ʻoku nau fie maʻu ke vahevahe ʻa e foʻi pai, ko ia ki he ʻinivesitoa kuo nau toki hu mai ki he ngaue ko ʻeni, the most important thing…
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  • How to operate a vending machine ( part 2 )

    To think about what your customers need? Once the location of the machine is set, I believe that you know what customers will buy things on the machine in the future, you must also know a eight or nine in the heart. Then, what these people like, what they need,
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  • How can I run a good vending machine? (part 1)

    Nowadaysvending machines have frequently appeared in people's lives, including many parks, attractions, squares, commercial pedestrian streets and other outdoor have been placed in a variety of unmanned vending machines, Shuagnqu vending machine has also cooperated with many customers of this placement behavior, the next according to the unmanned vending machine…
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  • Arcade Games History

    Speaking of arcade games history, compared to TV consoles, the biggest advantage of arcades is the sense of presence and the sense of accomplishment that can attract most people to watch in a small arcade hall. I believe that many friends born in the 70s and 80s will have a lot of…
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