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vending machine

  • Vending machine summer power saving tips

    The arrival of the summer heat has brought a new energy to the streets and alleys that were affected by the epidemic. In the summer heat of the streets, "vending machines" have turned on their own air conditioning to cope with the hot weather. But in the summer, 24 hours…
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  • What is the best place to place the vending machine?

    This is the biggest problem that plagues many vending machine operations, to operate a good vending machine, the location is very important, just like a restaurant needs a good location, operating a vending machine is also the point of success or failure. Find a good location I recommend paying attention…
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  • The history of vending machines

    Vending machines are fully automatic machines that use money detectors to trade with customers. They can help customers buy products such as snacks, beverages, alcohol, cigarettes, and lottery tickets (unlike shops with cashiers). It is a commonly used equipment for commercial automation. It is not restricted by time and location,
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